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How To Restrict Hard Drive Access For Certain Users


I will be eternally grateful to you!! I'll keep on reading until I find out what's going on. Thanks thegift73 Hi Maria, Sorry for the late reply. "I have two internal drives which were plagued by viruses. I also went to the EFFECTIVE PERMISSIONS tab and made sure that when I type in my user name everything is clicked, including TAKE CONTROL. 4.

I figured if they have some kind of program to be able to see the files on there and get them back for me, then there must be something out on i restarted. Here are a couple of other ways to do this: The people over at How To Geek have created a .reg file that will allow you to Take Ownership of a Hope that helps, because I found it torture trying to get my files back. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/187982/cant-access-storage-drive-when-double-clicked-in-my-computer/

How To Restrict Hard Drive Access For Certain Users

Select Enable then under Options from the drop down menu you can restrict a certain drive, a combination of drives, or restrict them all. Is that a good idea? How can I get my files off of it ??? 0 Best Answer Jasmeet_CF Posts: 491Member ✭✭✭ June 2014 Answer ✓ No problem ! What I mean is, is/are the drive(s) recordable drives, or standard non recordable drives?(This gets complicated).Is anyone else able to open the DVD your son made?I think you need to establish

Hit Yes and OK when asked. If it is a IDE, then again make sure you have the IDE power cable and IDE data cable and set it to Slave. what is this? Restrict Drive Access For Other Users Windows 10 The store should have informed you that the Clickfree drive cannot be replaced with another hard drive and then used to backup or access files. 0 chelsea517 United StatesPosts: 5Member ✭

Richard Matt OK, I now see you had that in the replies, but it looks better in the instructions. Prevent Access To Drives From My Computer Windows 8 If this is a stand alone external hard disk with USB input, then simply plug it in to the back USB ports of your desktop and the device will show itself thegift73 @YouKnowWho Glad it helped 🙂 Craig Wilson I had a similar problem with an external hard drive I store my music and movies on when trying to access it from http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/8035/how-to-restrict-access-to-drive-in-my-computer-on-windows/ Check the ‘Replace owner on sub-containers and objects' box and hit Apply.

If you are unable to access certain files, you will get a permissions error or the files that you know are there seem to be hidden. Hide These Specified Drives In My Computer There isn't anything wrong with my DVD drives or CD ROM drives. I was trying the second option using DiskPart but I've come against the problem that when I see the list of volumes, the one that is my external HDD isn't listed When you right clicked on the external HDD in My Computer, and went Properties>Security; have you made double sure that all of the boxes are ticked under the Allow heading (Full

Prevent Access To Drives From My Computer Windows 8

The results are below: Program started at: 07/23/2012 03:19:20 PM Windows Version: Windows 7 Please be patient while your files are made visible again. I have nothing sensitive in the files and made a point of trying NOT to encrypt or hide anything. How To Restrict Hard Drive Access For Certain Users I have the additional concern that I will get a message that reads: "Do you want to initialize this drive" like an SD card can. Prevent Access To Drives From My Computer Windows 10 The one which is giving me serious problems is the K drive.

Then switch user to that account (no password unless somebody already activated that account and put one in), bring up a command prompt (run as administrator) again, and type the following Kevin I did try to run Check Disk a few days ago. Thanks in advance for the help! Do you have any advice of how to get around this problem? Restrict Drive Access Windows 10

http://www.howtogeek.com/downloads/TakeOwnership.zip Jenessa thank you! i dont wanna loo Can't See my External Hard Drive solved "Hidden" files on external hard drive - can't delete or see them solved cant see photos on external hard drive If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! the "changing ownership of" thing is still going through files so it hasn't frozen and i'm only trying to access the user file which wasn't particularly big in size either.

I have learned over the years that going to a computer repair store in pretty much useless in southeast Asia. How To Restrict Access To Drives In My Computer In Windows 10 Also, there are no encrypted files on the drive, mostly pdf's and videos of university lectures. Richard Gailey Hi richard Firstly, try reconnecting the HDD (Hard Drive) again, and then head over to Disk Management and try to refresh to see if you can see your drive.

I have about 780Gb of data on the hard drive that has taken me years to collect.

I will write back with an update tomorrow. Hide this message.429. When I try to click on that nothing happens. Disable C Drive Access Group Policy When I mounted it I named it drive A and it's not in the list of drives offered to me.

Register now! when ever I want to see them it asks me the permission. June 19, 2011 Jyri Aikola Is there a way to do this so that it only applies to some accounts? Kevin Hi, You wrote back to me on less than 24 hours- thanks for that!

Download and run Malwarebytes (it's a free program, and the best out there) When you install it it will ask if you want to try the trial version of the software, In XP Home this is enabled by default, so to get a workaround, boot the computer into Safe Mode and log in via the admin account. I did try to read the hard drive from a friend's laptop that was running Windows 7 and it did not work. Since they couldn't fix the laptop, they took the hard drive from it (since that part still worked) and put it in a clickfree drive they had and gave that to

If I insert the disk into the drive and wait, nothing comes up, however if I double click on the drive with the disk in there it comes up with no Is it CF storage or CD drive clickfree ?3. As an extreme measure, if I reformat the laptop and start from scratch will that solve the problem? Lastly, when you right clicked on the external HDD in My Computer, and went Properties>Security; have you made double sure that all of the boxes are ticked under the Allow heading

Standard players don't know about linked lead ins and can only find the data in the first session."I don't know if this applies to DVD as well. If we have ever helped you in the past, please consider helping us. perfekt hey thanks a lot worked for me ! I also ran Malwarebytes (Full scan) on all of the drives.

To do this, locate the devive in My Computer. Please help! 3 answers Last reply Jan 8, 2015 More about external hard drive computer open Hawkeye22Jul 21, 2011, 7:32 PM Sounds like some malware got on your system and removed In short, 1. Now find the data that you want and transfer it to another hard drive/USB that you have plugged in.

I have not been able to get Windows 7 yet, but i hope to get it tomorrow. 2. Screenshots help describe the small details that words cannot. Links: front page me on twitter search privacy java java applets java faqs misc content java source code test projects lejos Perl perl faqs programs perl recipes perl tutorials   Unix sarat Dude,u r a genius…I had so many important documents and videos in my hdd.When my laptop harddisk crashed and i changed it, i couldnt access my external hdd.Thnx to you

If that is the case then I will walk you through that as well. Is there any other way to get access to these files without changing permissions. When you right-click on the HDD and go Properties>Security>Advanced>Permissions.