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Loads the DOS ANSI driver, which among other makes manipulating of the colours in the DOS prompt (line 30) possible. shall be loaded. Selects Danish/Norwegian codepage (character set) for the screen. Config.sys layout Below is an example of how the config.sys may look. http://copyprotecteddvd.net/general/config-msi.html

For the most part, they are used only in the CONFIG.SYS file, with the exception of break commands, and rem set, you can also include in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file or type C:\DOS\EGA.CPI can be replaced with the name of another codepage information file, for instance C:\DOS\865.CPI under IBM's PC DOS. RAM indicates that both Expanded Memory (EMS) and Upper Memory (UMB) should be made available. /MIN=0 states that no minimal amount of EMS memory shall be secured.I=B000-B7FF indicates that the memory Set the DOS prompt to show the current directory followed by the character >. http://searchenterprisedesktop.techtarget.com/definition/CONFIGSYS

Forgot your password? Can be omitted. /L: indicates in which UMB block the driver/program shall be loaded. /V indicates that the driver/program shall display extended information on the screen when loading. STACKS=0,0 The stacks line was first used in MS-DOS 3.2 and was used to swap the stack whenever an asynchronous hardware interrupt occurred. Your driver might have another name.

Sets the volumelevel for the different channels of the soundcard according to the values saved in the file C:\CTSND\CTMIX.CFG by means of the program C:\CTSND\SB16SET.EXE. Submit your e-mail address below. This helps determining where the problems occurs. States that the soundcard is installed at Address 220 with IRQ 5, Low DMA on DMA-channel 1, High DMA on DMA-channel 5, MIDI address 330 and that the soundcard is Type

If you have Windows 95+, the MSCDEX will always be in the C:\Windows\COMMAND. Loads the DOS EGA/VGA driver for use of up to 2 codepages (character sets) on the screen. CLS MS-DOS command to clear screen. http://www.computerhope.com/ac.htm Version 8.x of Quartedeck seems to take hand of the problem by itself.

Manual changes to CONFIG.SYS are done with a text editor such as the DOS Edit and the Windows Notepad utilities. Citrix acquires Unidesk for app layering software Citrix acquired Unidesk to improve its application layering offering. However, with newer versions of Windows are no longer needed. However, if you have a large harddisk (4 Gb or more), harddisk partitioning can still give you a better overview of your folders and files.

Furthermore the length of the PATH is limited by the size of the DOS environment (line 16). http://madsenworld.dk/con_auto/index-uk.htm Can also be used to disable a command. DEVICEHIGH=C:\MTMCDAI.SYS /D:123 The CD-ROM driver for the CD-ROM drive. Specific for the installed drive.

Sets country to 45 (Denmark), with codepage 865 as the system character set i.e. Many games requires EMS. Sets the last logical drive-letter to J: Sets stacks as Microsoft recommends it for Windows 9x. Contents: Before you begin !

FAT32 uses smaller clusters (typically 4.096 bytes) and supports harddisk partitions of a size up to 2 Terrabytes (2048 Gb), whereas FAT16 only could handle harddisk partitions with sizes up to To edit these files, type edit c:\autoexec.bat to edit the autoexec.bat file, or edit c:\config.sys to edit the config.sys file. The average waste of space on a harddisk bigger than 1023 Mb will be 40% !!, while the waste on a harddisk between 512 and 1023 Mb will be 20%, and If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States.

You can NOT just update an existing Windows 95 with the OSR2 version. Because of the smaller clustersize used by FAT32, there is no longer the same need for harddisk partitioning in order of reducing the amount of wasted disk space. install Runs a resident TSR (terminate and stay resident) program while DOS reads CONFIG.SYS.

Why do I see multiple svchost.exe processes running?

Use the corresponding files in the DOS directory instead. Inserts a blank line. With Stacker 4.x the DEVICE=C:\STACKER\DPMS.EXE statement can be used in CONFIG.SYS to create DPMS memory, in which Stacker can be loaded, but this might cause problems with other programs as for Login SearchEnterpriseDesktop SearchVirtualDesktop SearchWindowsServer SearchExchange Topic Windows 8 Windows desktop operating systems View All Alternative operating systems Windows 10 Microsoft Windows 7 operating system Microsoft Windows Vista operating system Microsoft Windows

Loads the Mouse driver. If the values for FILES etc. During time I have assisted quite a lot of PC owners with the setup of their two system files CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT. For DOS 6.0 and higher, to see help on all DOS commands and on CONFIG.SYS commands, at the DOS prompt type: help Note: when changing the contents of your CONFIG.SYS file,

Loads the DOS CD-ROM extension for access to the CD-ROM drive. Privacy Please create a username to comment. All rights reserved. Microsoft software-defined networking gets baked into Windows Server The Microsoft SDN technology that comes in the Windows Server 2016's Datacenter edition features a range of basic to nuanced ...

A long PATH can slow down the start of the programs on the computer. Following is an example of the contents of a CONFIG.SYS file for a 386 and higher PC: device=c:\dos\himem.sys device=c:\dos\emm386.exe ram device=c:\dos\ansi.sys device=c:\mouse\mouse.sys files=30 buffers=40 dos=high,umb Common Drivers Purpose ansi.sys Screen and BUFFERS 528-byte areas of RAM reserved for input and output (1-99). States in which directory temporary files can be placed by the applications (older programs).

This is done by making the following changes under [Options] in the file C:\MSDOS.SYS: to: BootGUI=1 Logo=1 BootGUI=0 Logo=0 MSDOS.SYS is a hidden read-only system file, why it is necessary CONFIG.SYS gets more complicated as the number of devices in your computer increases. Submit your e-mail address below.